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"La Ménagerie de Verre" StudioLab - April 2018




From intimacy to politics, from the profane to the sacred, the performance group 'the ATA Collective' mix different kinds of expressions : movement, speech and dance so as to develop energetic performances.


Brewing pots of material renewed and retold, the performances draw an aesthetic between chaos and building site.

Extract of The possibility of a whisper -

*(...) I was born into performances in discovering Pina Bausch and Jerzy Grotowski. Something like the vibriting being of the language was coming from inside and outside every gesture, carrying with it the secret meaning of humanity in the cosmos.

Sometimes, I have some difficulties to trust what words seem to mean or what the common sense assigns to them.

Dance and movement can double them to put the emphasis on different aspects of the expression and make a place for everyone to create their own imaginings. (...)

Sarah Dulaurier
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